Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Safe harbor located?

A: The Safe Harbor office is housed in a pleasant building, conveniently located on 72nd street.

Address: 9425 S.W. 72nd Street, Suite 265. Miami FL, 33173 

Q: Is safe Harbor wheel chair accessible?

A: Yes, there is handicap parking; wheelchair accessibility to the entrance of the building and office as well as the elevator and bathrooms.  

Q: Does Safe Harbor provide counseling for children?

A: Counseling can be provided for children as young as three years old using play and art as projective and age appropriate forms of therapy and communication.

Q: Does Safe Harbor provide psychological testing?

A: Yes.  Safe Harbor has a licensed clinical psychologist on staff that is qualified and has extensive experience providing psychological and psycho educational testing to discover or diagnose learning disabilities in children and adults. 


Q: Is my clinical record totally confidential?  Can insurance companies access my record?

A: Your records are totally confidential; protected by the law, unless you authorize a release of information or, a court order is issued by a judge.  The insurance company only has access to parts of your record such as diagnosis, dates of sessions, and treatment plans if required.  The most important thing to know is that clinical case notes are written in a short general format about the session and clinical session writing is usually not focused on specific details and events in your life.  Please be sure to tell your therapist about any concerns you have regarding this issue.