Flora del Cueto

   My name is Flora del Cueto. I am a psychotherapist who is blind and have had the privilege to work with “Seeing Eye Dogs” since 1994. My current dog guide is Meghan.  Before entering full time private practice, I worked for seventeen years in case management and rehabilitation with adults diagnosed with psychiatric illness and have extensive experience working with persons who struggle with substance abuse/addiction.  Although I have been a psychotherapist in private practice for many years (since 1994,) I’ve always belonged to a group as an independent contractor. This has given me the opportunity to grow professionally and learn from the clinical experience of my colleagues, which includes the mistakes I have frequently encountered, both in observing the management style of practice owners and in witnessing how patients and staff are often mistreated. However, it has been a growing desire to open my own practice, affording me the freedom to offer the range of clinical and spiritual services that define who I am as a psychotherapist, while also granting me the opportunity and privilege to manage the practice. This also enables me to consider the clinical, fiscal, and interpersonal needs of all persons, whether they be service providers for the group or recipients of psychological services.

   Although I caught the vision for Safe Harbor several years ago, I waited, believing it prudent to pursue the venture at the appropriate time.  I believe God began moving in me to open Safe Harbor in April of 2010, the office space became available in August  and our doors were open to start serving the community as of September 2010. 

It is my hope that Safe Harbor will live up to its name.

   It is an honor and quite humbling to be a highly sought after therapist by many insurance companies and have a strong patient following. I believe this is due to my desire to maintain and nurture all insurance contracts and treat my patients as individuals/persons deserving of dignity, compassion and respect.

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